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Our son, Stephen, was diagnosed with Morquio B (MPS IVB) 9 years ago. It all started when…

His condition is so rare that when he was diagnosed information on outcomes was practically nonexistent.  As parents of a child with a rare disease we were devastated, but thankfully, we found hope at BC Children's Hospital. Dr. Cooper has performed several leg straightening surgeries on Stephen. He always takes the time to explain the procedures and expected results to our family and he listens to any questions that we may have. He has always made Stephen feel at ease going in to every surgery.



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My son, Matteo was born with Bilateral Fibula Hemimelia


 We knew prior to his birth that his lower legs were missing the fibulas, but not until he was born did we know what that would mean to Matteo and to our family. After much thought and consideration, we decided to have both of Matteo’s feet amputated when he was one year old. His feet were deformed, and he had no ankle support. He never would have been able to walk or run with any efficiency or ease. Six months after the amputation, Matteo started walking with prosthetics. He has never looked back. 


Matteo has always brought us joy, from the moment I found out I was pregnant until the present. There has been fear of the unknown, grief for lost dreams, and very challenging times, but not once has he felt sorry for himself. He lives a full and happy life and has a very promising future ahead. Matteo has a steady confidence that will serve him well in life.


We first meet Dr Cooper 4 years ago when he joined the Orthopaedic Department at BC Children’s Hospital.  We see him regularly at check-up appointments and he has performed one complicated surgery on Matteo in February of 2017. 

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After a 3 month recovery, Mattero was back on his prosthetic legs, running around and enjoying a full life.

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Dr. Cooper has been a wonderful source of support to Matteo and our family. He always has the answers to difficult questions and his kind and confident nature is appreciated. I feel secure with his detailed and incredible wealth of knowledge and know that he deeply cares about and is committed to Matteo and all of his patients.






Meet our friend Sofia! She plays the piano, violin, and liuqin (a Chinese stringed instrument). She brings joy to those around her by volunteering her time to play for the elderly at nursing homes. She loves to play a variety of sports and even competes in table tennis. When Sofia was five years old she broke her arm after falling down the stairs in China. Her arm did not heal well at the time, resulting in her left arm being shorter than her right arm. In December 2018, Dr. Cooper performed a lengthening surgery on Sofia’s left arm. Sofia had to be in an external fixator for five months. However Sofia did not let this hinder her from pursuing her passions. With her frame on, she felt like a star and still killed it on the table tennis court. She has only lost one game! She’s grateful to Dr. Cooper and his team because she knows that her treatment has helped her improve in music and sport and has helped her to get stronger in hopes of becoming a lifeguard. Sofia continues to spread her positivity every day and has shared her experience with her arm deformity at the #CKGSB Spring Festival Celebration earlier this year.