Dr. Anthony Cooper, Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC’s Department of Orthopaedics, Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, BC Children’s Hospital leads the Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Program at BC Children’s Hospital.  This program has over 700 patient visits annually.  

Dr. Cooper uses novel methods of treatment, which can correct any kind of deformity or shortening of limbs very precisely and accurately.  This treatment has given children with differences in their limb lengths and deformities a real chance to live a normal life and follow their dreams.


He lives a full and happy life and has a very promising future ahead.
— Katherine Pellizzari - Matteo's Mom

What We've Achieved

Paediatric limb deformity represents a wide spectrum of devastating disorders affecting children. This includes children who are born with a limb difference such as an absence or shortening of a leg or arm as well as children who develop these problems from injuries or due to cancer. Our multidisciplinary clinical research program involves studies on quality of life, genetic causes, clinical outcomes, complications of limb reconstruction, and imaging in these patients.

BC Children’s Hospital is the highest volume pediatric limb deformity centre in Canada.  Here at BC Children’s Hospital we use state of the art technology and surgical techniques to reconstruct and lengthen children’s limbs in order to restore function and give them a normal life.  The limb lengthening and reconstruction program at BC Children’s Hospital is the largest in Western Canada and leads many international research studies.

All patients with limb deformity in the province are treated at BC Children’s Hospital, however with our established national and international collaborations; the impact of this program extends beyond British Columbia.  This program will not only have an effect on current patients, but with better tools to assess quality of life, improved genetic understanding and rigorous evaluation of current surgical techniques, future children and families will benefit from the knowledge gained from research conducted by the limb lengthening and reconstruction program.

With our focus on patient-oriented research, we are actively engaging individuals with personal experiences of limb deformities and collaborating with other healthcare professionals involved in the care of these children to build a sustainable, accessible and equitable research and clinical program.

The limb lengthening and reconstruction clinic provides highly specialized tertiary care to children with limb deformity at a provincial level.  The aim of the limb lengthening and reconstruction program is to improve our understanding, treatment and ultimately the quality of life of children with such devastating disorders.  In order to achieve this, we are working towards creating a model in which clinical care and research is fully integrated.  All funds raised will directly support this program and help us to improve the quality of life and self-esteem of these children with limb deformities.